Laravel Books

Hopefully the LaraBrain is helping you to resolve a few immediate questions however be sure to consider one of the following books if you're in need of more comprehensive instruction.

Easy Laravel 5

Written by bestselling author and PHP veteran W. Jason Gilmore, Easy Laravel 5 has been an incredibly popular book since the very day it was released. Regularly updated (see the changelog), and introducing Laravel features in the context of a real-world project, reading this book is sure to turn you into a proficient Laravel developer in an incredibly short period of time.

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Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe

Co-authored by Laravel News creator Eric L. Barnes and bestselling author W. Jason Gilmore, Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe guides you through the creation of a real-world Laravel- and Stripe-powered website. You'll learn how to sell products, create a shopping cart, and manage monthly subscriptions using Laravel, Stripe, and the Laravel Cashier package.